Estimated costs associated with being a visiting international student at Duke

Overall expenses will vary and depend somewhat upon a student's individual needs, but all VIS students pay standard Duke tuition and fees. Below are the most recent cost estimates available. You can use these figures as a guide; and, as Duke releases updates to tuition and fees, this information will be updated accordingly.

Program Costs

  Fall Semester 2016 Full Academic Year 2016-2017
Tuition $24,787.50 $49, 575
Housing $4,143 $8,286
Meal Plan $2,124-$3,300 $4,248-$6,600
Books and Personal Expenses $1,733 $3,466
Health Fee (mandatory) $386 $772
Health Insurance (mandatory) $1,200 $2,525
Student Activity Fee $129.50 $259
Student Services Fee $193 $386
Recreation Fee $136.50 $273
Residential Programming Fee $50 $100

Additional Expenses

Cost estimates above do not include housing and meals during vacation periods. Housing is available at Duke only during the academic semesters and is not available during the summers and vacations.

Personal living expenses are not included in these estimates.

Duke Student Mandatory Health Insurance

All international students are required to purchase the Duke Student Mandatory Insurance Plan (SMIP), regardless of coverage by other insurance plans. 

*Health insurance plans are priced for the full academic year; students attending Duke for the fall semester only may request a prorated refund for the spring portion of the premium.

Financial Aid & Scholarships

No financial aid or scholarships are available for the Undergraduate Visiting International Student Program.

Financial arrangements with our Global Partners vary. Please see your home institution or contact the VIS Program Coordinator for details.