How do I get my Duke transcript once I finish my program?

When and where can I find my bill? 

What is the Third Party Billing form for? 

Do I have to have my parent’s signature on forms if I’m over 18?

How do I order an E-script?

Do I need to register/bookbag for courses if I know I will be studying abroad next semester?

How do I get a language recommendation if I’ve never taken a language at Duke?

My recommender hasn’t uploaded my recommendation by the deadline. Will I be penalized for this?

Where can I find the room and board fees for my program?

Are the courses abroad pass/fail?

How can I get a second passport?

How can I expedite my passport? 

Where can I find summer scholarship information?

How many semesters can I study abroad?

Why isn’t Semester at Sea on your approved list?

Who will meet my child at the abroad airport?

Is there a group flight for the program?

I’m an international student, where do I apply for my study abroad visa…in the US or my home country?

I’m doing DukeEngage this summer. How do I apply for my fall visa if I’m out of the country most of the summer?

Do I need to register my study abroad courses myself?

Can I study abroad in my senior year? 

What is the deadline for withdrawing from a summer program without a financial penalty?

If I withdraw from my semester program before it starts, can I get my deposit back?

How do I extend my fall semester abroad to the spring semester? 

What are the dean’s check and conduct check that are required? Do I have to get them myself?